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  1. Check In: 15:00pm Check Out: 11:00am max.

  2. Quiet Hrs: 14:00p.m. - 17:30p.m and 23:00p.m. - 8:00a.m.

  3. Each guest should respect the others, behave decently, understand his/her obligations as a resident of the house, and follow the agreement terms and the house rules. Each guest is expected not to cause excessive noise, during the whole rental period. Also, alcohol consumption should be done moderately, to avoid drunken and loud behaviour. The host has the right (and will use it if needed) to cancel the agreement and reservation immediately, and evict the guest to protect his/her premises, and ask protection from the law and the police, in case these rules are not followed by the guest and / or if the guest disrespects the host or cause any damage of any kind.

  4. OFFERED SERVICES: Cleaning: Cleaning and changing of the linens and towels provided daily. The guest agrees that the host and the cleaners HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENTER THE RESIDENCE for cleaning according to their daily schedule. TRANSFER AND TRANSPORTATION: Booking your transfer in advance is necessary especially on the peak season as taxis at the airport / port are really limited.

  5. THE RESIDENCE IS NOT A PARTY VENUE. It is expressly agreed and specified that the host is not responsible for any noise / music coming from external factors outside of his / her premises. No refund will be offered in case a guest decides to cancel the reservation or leave sooner that then check - out date due to music, noise or construction works coming from external sources.

  6. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Guests arriving with pets will not be accepted, and no refund will be offered for cancelling the reservation is such a case.

  7. THE USE OF THE RESIDENCE FROM OTHERS THAN THE GUESTS THAT HAVE MADE THE RESERVATION IS NOT ALLOWED. The names of the official tenants are written on the contract, as well as their passport numbers. The house accommodates a specific number of people AND IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO ACCOMMODATE MORE PEOPLE. It is against the law of the country to accommodate more people than expected. The host has the right to evict the extra guests and the official guests, if it is necessary and will ask protection from the law. The hosts are expected to be informed in case the tenants have any guest, and THE GUEST MUST BE WITH AN OFFICIAL TENANT AT ALL TIMES. The number of the guest should not be higher than the maximum number stated for the house.

  8. Each guest is RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS/HER PERSONAL BELONGINGS during the rental period. The area is generally safe. However, please make sure to lock your doors, balcony doors and windows when leaving the premises. The hosts have no responsibility for lost items.

  9. The guests are responsible to keep the residence in an excellent condition. He / She will BE CHARGED FOR ANY DAMAGE / EXCESSIVE DIRT in the property and its contents.

  10. The keys of the property are given to the tenant on check - in and they are required to be returned on check - out. Lost keys are paid by the tenant.

  11. The host HAS KEYS OF THE PROPERTY and he / she can enter for any emergency. The same is valid for the employees (cleaners, technicians etc.) if needed. In case of any emergency (maintenance problems, damage need to be fixed, or any other emergency), the host will contact the guest in order to enter the property. In case the guest will not reply soon, the host has the right to enter the property with the person responsible to fix the damage without any further notice. Simple maintenance problems are paid by the host, but damage of any type caused by the guest, is paid by the guest.

  12. The host is not responsible for any electricity blackout or water shortage or landline / internet / wi-fi problems generated by external factors. In case of problems within the premises, the owner will adjust them as soon as possible and feasible. IN CASE OF PROBLEMS CAUSED FROM THE PROVIDERS, THE HOST IS NOT RESPONSIBLE. Please note that there are sometimes internet problems on the island especially during the high season.

  13. Sublease or use of the premises from others than stated in the contract is not allowed.

  14. In case the owner is unable to deliver the specific property to the tenant due to uncertain external factors (eg. legal prohibition, serious damage to the property from previous tenants or other external factors, etc.) the owner has the right: - to propose an alternative property to the tenant (if it is possible and available) and is of the same standard. In case this property has higher or lower price, the amount will be recalculated accordingly, and the guest will pay the difference or receive a refund. OR - to cancel the reservation, and to refund the total amount paid by the tenant until the moment of the cancellation, through the platform that the initial payment took place.

  15. In case the tenant would like to CANCEL THE RESERVATION: Pls check the cancellation policy from the platform within which you made the reservation.

  16. In case the tenant remains to the property more than the reservation period, it is illegal and he / she will be required to pay a penalty equal with the rent of of 6 months or more, and for each day of delay an amount equal with 1 week rent as defined by the law. The owner can ask for any further fees and protection from the law.

  17. All matters not covered by the provisions hereof, shall be subject to the current Greek law.

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